Logging Services

Terry Peters

Terry Peters Logging of Mellen, Wisconsin, offers many different services.  We have a skilled, knowledgeable and hardworking staff with the right equipment that will get the job done right the first time.  Call Terry Peters Logging today and let our professionals help you manage your property for timber, wildlife, recreation and more with the best forestry management practices today!  We can help you with: 


  • Land Consultation to determine how best to manage your property
  • Logging Operations specific to the landowner's needs
  • Clearing and preparing Deer Food Plots*
  • General Land Clearing
  • Building Roads, Trails, & Ponds



Whether you're having logging done on your property or just want trees cleared in certain areas for food plots we can do it.  However when doing a logging operation on your property a log landing often becomes a great place to put a food plot.  This is where we can work on creating these landing(s) and any logging road(s) in an ideal spot on your property.  One that is both great for hunting over a nice food plot later but also meets ours needs in the logging process.