Welcome to Terry Peters Logging! 

Located in the small Northern Wisconsin town of Mellen, Terry Peter Logging has been helping public and private property owners manage their land for over 40 years.  While “logging” is right there in our name, Terry Peters Logging is more than just a company cutting down trees for profit.  Logging and land management has changed over the years and, right along with it so have our services.  Call Terry Peters Logging at 715-274-2692 for an on-site appointment where we’ll assess your land and discuss with you how you’d like to utilize your land moving forward.

Some owners prefer to profit from the greatest timber harvest the land will provide while others like to improve their land for wildlife.  Still others intend to use their property for recreational purposes and yet, in many cases, owners will incorporate all of these practices into their land management plan.   So whether you have a single use or multiple uses in mind for your property, Terry Peters Logging will sit down with you and help determine the best way to get the results you desire for your particular piece of land.

Logging in Northern Wisconsin is not just about cutting down trees or building a bank account.  At Terry Peter Logging, we care about the land and we care about your intentions for the land.  We want to leave these natural resources in as good a condition (or better) as we found them as part of a healthy managed forest for future generations.

We ask the right questions and make the appropriate suggestions, which sometimes is about NOT cutting trees down.  If you’re ready to unleash the full potential of your property, call us today at 715-274-2692.